My dad almost always carries a camera around with him.  He was always making stuff in Photoshop when I was a kid and he taught me how to use it.  I remember at one point we made this image of an avocado being beamed down from a flying saucer in a green glow and won 1st place in the California Avocado Festival photo contest.

I spent many years trying to get as far away from my home as I could.  The experience that taught me the most was my year in Egypt during the revolution.  I think living in tumultuous times teaches one how to realize what's important in life.  

Once I decided to pursue photography, I found amazing teachers in the photographers who have, and continue to, hire me to assist them. I will be forever indebted to these photographers who have brought me onto their sets and taught me how to be a photographer through their example.

I studied international development and environmental economics at UC Berkeley.  Berkeley inspired my student mentality that I bring to everything I do.